WIND HILL FARM is a community farm.  We are a retail, organic vegetable farm with a community garden for neighbors’ personal gardens, and programs and activities for people of all ages including farm-to-table dinners and chef demonstrations.

MISSION: We are a non-profit, 501c3 community organization located in east Glastonbury. Our mission is to promote local farms, environmental stewardship and healthy lifestyles by encouraging people to participate in farming, gardening and educational programming about healthy food choices.


Our season-extending solar Hoop House.                               Our season-extending solar Hoop House.

We are a working farm. We are located on a small portion of the “last dairy farm” in Glastonbury, the Longo Farm which is now owned by the Town.  Our goal is to promote local farms by serving our local community healthy, organic produce at a financially viable community farm.  We offer a CSA, and sell seedlings and produce in the community.  Our volunteers support our farm activities through participating in farm projects and our Weed & W(h)ine group of weekly field volunteers.  All of our efforts contribute to protecting our natural environment as an ongoing “organic” farm, maintaining a model of a small, local farm providing our community with healthful products, and encouraging healthy activities and eating options.

Our current efforts to establish a model on-farm composting center engages its members in composting by dropping off their home compost-able materials and spreading the word about the environmental advantages of home composting.


We have a community garden. We have a participating members’ garden, which includes twenty-nine 12’x4’ raised beds which are leased to area families for growing produce organically. We have recruited a wonderful community of gardeners who swap seeds and plants and share their successes and failures with the other gardeners.  They reap their “local” produce serving healthful vegetables to their families while contributing to “green” efforts by preserving this land in an organic, agricultural use.




We host community programs on various food, gardening and environmental issues and children’s programming focusing on gardening and healthy eating in our elementary schools. We have offered workshops on such topics as seed saving, canning and composting.  We also host a very popular chef demonstration series during the summer. At each event, a local chef prepares and demonstrates healthy eating recipes while serving a four-course, small plate meal using fresh produce from the Farm. More than good eating in a beautiful spot, these programs provide guests with important information on healthy eating and food preparation as well as motivating them to eat local, fresh produce.

Last year, we planted a new herb garden.  All of the herbs were harvested and delivered to the Food Share donation truck which visits Glastonbury every other week.  The fresh herbs became a favorite among people benefiting from that service.

Our Farms Fresh Kids series engages kids in gardens at their schools, or in the Town’s community garden and explores the plant world and how it’s parts provide us with fun and tasty snacks, put together by the students .  Our curriculum emphasizes environment-friendly growing techniques and healthy eating choices while engaging it fun and interesting garden activities, while encouraging their families to visit and patronize Glastonbury’s many local farms.

How many seeds in one pomegranate??