Composting for a Greener Planet



A secure food system in the context of an affluent suburb is made stronger by the existence of successful and popular local farms. Our advocacy group “walks the walk” by creating and maintaining a small, local, organic farm and supporting an environmentally safe food source.  We are “off-the-grid” using solar to power our water collection and irrigation and heating our season-extending hoophouse.  Our Farm leads by example also by maximizing hand field labor and no-till growing techniques while using appropriate waste management techniques which limits carbon and carbon dioxide releases into surface water runoff.

We are in the process of creating an on-site composting system as a demonstration center which can showcase techniques for establishing low-maintenance and high-functioning residential composting systems in homes throughout our community.

In 2017, we will be setting up deposit areas and urging our members, gardeners and CSA members to bring their compostable materials to the Farm if they chose not to home compost.  We will also be offering guidance on home composting and uses for the materials produced.