Garden Plots for Rent!

Wind Hill Community Farm is currently offering 24 (4ft x 12ft) raised beds for the 2012 season which we lease out to families interested in growing organic vegetables for their home use. We are a nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage people
to re-engage with the land, learn where their food comes and support local farmers. We are a working vegetable farm whose aim is to serve the families of Glastonbury by offering then hands-on experiences at the Farm as well as a source for local, organic produce. And we are an educational center offering programming for groups of all ages in Glastonbury about our existing food system, the benefits of home gardening, eating locally and seasonally and preparing, cooking and preserving local produce. We also donate a portion of our produce to local food banks.

Our community garden offers people the opportunity to access a small garden in full sun, with well-prepared soil, as well as the opportunity to meet and exchange information with other gardeners, join others at organic gardening classes, get-togethers and our harvest dinner in the Fall. The price of the garden bed is $75.00. In addition to a spring/summer crop, you will be able to plant a fall crop to continue gardening throughout the end of 2012.

You will need to make a commitment to use only “organic” supplements in your garden bed. If you have an interest, we will have work parties at which you may volunteer your time to make additional improvements to the Community Garden area.

If you are interested in reserving a garden bed, or if you’d like additional
information, please contact Barbara at 860 657 4345. If you decide to reserve a garden bed, you will be asked to send in your check payable to “Wind Hill Community Farm” to Barbara Wagner, 2225 Main Street, Glastonbury, CT 06033 or just drop it in my mailbox.

Hope you can join us!