Farm Fresh Kids Farm-to-Snack Program

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Over the last several years, we have been offering our Farm Fresh Kids programs in a number of Glastonbury elementary schools.  The programs are offered as part of the YMCA after school programs, with a group of their children joining us for a once-a-week, 6-week program.

Each program runs for up to 90 minutes and contains two hands-on activities showing how plants produce healthful food, how our farms grow and sell to local families and how this local system contributes to sound environmental practices.  We cover the basics of how our food is grown and the benefits of eating locally grown, fresh, healthy food.

The children help prepare and serve a nutritious snack, using some of the fruits and vegetables highlighted in the day’s program.   Some of our most popular offered snacks have included raw beets (really!), home-made hummus, worm pie, and veggie-stuffed baked potato.

Our program teaches that healthy eating choices are important and can taste great, that our local farms are daily reminders of the deep agricultural roots which make up our community’s cultural heritage, and that Wind Hill Farm is a model of environmental stewardship, using organic principles and no electricity with a solar-driven water system and an unheated greenhouse, and selling its produce to local families usually within minutes after it is harvested.

We plant and save seeds.  We taste lettuce, basil and other greens from our raised beds.  We talk about dirt, set up worm farms and explore what makes food something we like to eat.

Collecting Seeds


Farm Fresh Kids Summer Program

We are working with the Glastonbury Parks & Recreation Department and the Glastonbury branch of the YMCA of Greater Hartford to offer our programs at day camps during the summer of 2017.  The programs would be an extension of summer programs offered through the Glastonbury Parks & Rec during the last two summers.

What do your kids like to eat?  Can we grow it?  Fix fun and delicious snacks.  Kids help with planting, tending and harvesting our garden.  Learn about plants, soil, seeds and healthy foods while having fun. Learn about “buying local” fresh food, why it’s healthier and how it contributes to sound environmental practices.  Full of garden explorations, games, activities, preparing and eating farm fresh food snacks.  Have fun creating your own snacks and learn to love what you make.  Try locally grown beets, just-picked kale, veggie-stuffed potatoes and fresh-made hummus!



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